Show Last Updated Date in GeneratePress Theme in Blog Posts

Do you want to Show Last Updated Date in GeneratePress Theme in blog posts?

In this blog post, we will help you to Show Last Updated Date in GeneratePress Theme in blog posts without adding any extra plugin by simple CSS code.

Why Show Last Updated Date?

Surveys say that people will always go for updated content. If you are regularly updating your content but your post was published very long ago, then visitors will see that this post is very old. But actually, it is updating every time.

If you show Last Updated Date instead of Published Date then visitors will find it fresh and will stick your post.

Benefits of Showing Last Updated Date

  • Showing Last Updated Date can increase your website’s CTR(Click through Rate) in Google Search Results, which means you will get more organic traffic.
  • Google will find that these posts are updating from time to time, show Google can boost your position in Search Results.
  • Readers will find it fresh and will come again in the future to your blog.

Increase CTR

Showing Last Updated Date can increase your website’s Click Through Rate (CTR). It means whenever google will show your post in search results, more people will click on your posts. So more visitors will come to your website.

And if more peoples will click on your post then google have to rank your post in higher positions, like one, two, or three!

Faster Indexing

If you are updating your posts from time to time, then Google will find that this website is updating old and new content daily, so it will rank your posts in good positions. And whenever you will publish a new post Google will index faster than other posts.

Increase Conversion rate

After seeing the latest modified date of post people will find it fresh, so people will try to stay more in your blog. And if they got good answers to their questions they will also read more articles. So it can easily increase the conversion rate of your website.

Decrease Bounce Rate

Showing Last Updated Date can decrease your website’s bounce rate. So it will alternately boost your blog’s organic traffic. And google will rank your posts in higher positions.

Show Last Updated Date in GeneratePress Theme without Plugin

We strongly recommend that you should not use any extra Plugins to show Last Updated Date in GeneratePress Theme. Extra Plugin will give some load to your hosting server. And it can decrease your website’s speed.

When Last Updated Date will Show?

Note that the Last Updated Date will only show if you edited the post after you have published it. But if you haven’t updated it after publishing it, it will just show Published Date.

How to Show Last Updated Date in GeneratePress?

Follow the below steps to Show Last Updated Date In GeneratePress Theme. We have chosen the GeneratePress theme because of its popularity. And also we are using that same theme.

Step 1: Copy this code.

.posted-on .updated {
display: inline-block;
.posted-on .updated + .entry-date {
display: none;

.posted-on .updated:before {
content: "Last Updated on ";

Step 2: Now goto Your WordPress Dashboard. Then click on Appearance >> Customize >> Additional CSS.

Step 3: Open Additional CSS box and paste the above code in Additional CSS Section.

Done! Now you can check on the website homepage that you can see the Last Updated Date under the post.


I hope that after reading this article carefully, you will be able to show Last updated date in Blog posts in GeneratePress Theme without adding any extra Plugins.

If it is not working for you, please comment down below in the comment section. I will reply and help you to solve this problem.

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