Hostinger Shared Hosting Detailed Speed Test

Are you planning to buy Hostinger Shared Hosting and worried about Hostinger shared hosting speed and performance?

In this blog post, we will test Hostinger shared hosting speed and performance with very different parameters and you can decide whether Hostinger is good or not for your website.

Hostinger Shared Hosting

Hostinger was established in 2004 in Kaunas, Lithuania. Hostinger is a very popular shared hosting provider. There 29 million customers of Hostinger and they are adding daily 15k+ customers every day. Recently Hostinger has seen very much growth in the hosting market. Cheap Pricing and Speed are the main reasons for Hostinger Popularity.

Hostinger provides Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, and other hostings. Hostinger also provides Domains, Website builder, and Email hosting such as Google Workspace and Titan Email hosting.

In this blog post we will mainly talk about Hostinger Shared Hosting.

Plans & Pricing

Hostinger shared hosting offers 3 different plans. Hostinger plans start from 1.39$ per month to 3.99$.

Testing Environment

To test Hostinger shared hosting speed, I bought a Premium Shared Hosting plan. Honestly, If you want to buy Hostinger shared hosting you should not choose a Basic plan. Because it will not perform and good and you will able to host only one website.

But with the premium plan, you will able to host unlimited websites, and also you will get a free domain for 1 year. If you have a budget for a Business Shared Hosting plan, you should go with it.

I preferred the middle plan, as most people choose a middle plan. And I think there is no major difference in Premium and Business Plan except Daily Backups, storage, and Server specifications.

After that, I installed the WordPress website. I want to get the best accurate results, so I did not want to test a blank WordPress website.

So, I installed Blocksy free theme from WordPress respiratory. and I installed a starter site of Blocksy Theme called Tasty.

Testing Website Details

  • Hosting: Hostinger Shared Hosting – Premium plan
  • Server Location: USA (Default server of Hostinger)
  • Domain: from Namecheap
  • WordPress v5.7.2
  • Theme: Blocksy
  • Plugins: Blocksy Companion, WP Forms Lite, Stackable, Recipe Card Blocks by WPZOOM

Before starting the test, I want to inform you that I have not paid by any of the hosting companies. You can use my affiliate links to purchase hosting, which will help me to do more honest tests.

I did multiple tests to get the best accurate results. If you want to see the final results you can click on the below button. One more thing, I have attached screenshots of all the tests, for the transparency between me and my lovely readers. Also, I have not manipulated any test results to earn affiliate commissions ????!

Now, lets start testing.


First test we are going to is TTFB Test.

TTFB stands for time to first byte. To put it simply, this is a measurement of how long the browser has to wait before receiving its first byte of data from the server. The longer it takes to get that data, the longer it takes to display your page.

TTFB depends on the Hosting server, Themes, and plugins. But most of the part is played by the hosting server. If hosting using high performance server you will get low TTFB and if hosting is using low specifications server then it will be high.

Shared hosting stores your website files in a single location. From that server, the hosting will send all the files to the visitors. If your hosting server is located in the USA, then your website will get very low TTFB in the USA, Canada, and European countries. But it will be much higher in Asia and Australia.

Test 1

In test 1, I take 3 different results from different days. In test 1, You can see TTFB from various 10 locations, so you can see global performance of Hostinger Shared Hosting.

Server LocationTest 1Test 2Test 3
Frankfurt386 ms385 ms395 ms
Amsterdam350 ms344 ms347 ms
London310 ms333 ms312 ms
New York118 ms126 ms115 ms
Dallas145 ms126 ms136 ms
San Francisco283 ms304 ms296 ms
Singapore817 ms787 ms839 ms
Sydney882 ms897 ms860 ms
Tokyo601 ms597 ms598 ms
Bangalore797 ms817 ms813 ms
Global Average468 ms471 ms471 ms

Test 2

Test 2 is done in GT Metrix from 7 different worldwide locations.

Server LocationTTFB
Vancouver, Canada374 ms
Hong Kong, China742 ms
London, UK384 ms
Mumbai, India808 ms
San Antonio, TX, USA301 ms
Sydney, Australia740 ms
São Paulo, Brazil662 ms
Global Average573 ms

You can clearly see that Hostinger performed very well in the USA, Canada, and Europe. But TTFB in Asia, South America, and Australia. Unfortunately, GT Metrix does not offer any African location, but we can assume that it will be higher than Europe and lower than Asia.

Test 3

This is the most intimated test of TTFB Tests. I tested TTFB from 18 different worldwide locations.

Server LocationTTFB
S Africa786 ms
Sweden578 ms
India821 ms
France396 ms
England390 ms
Ireland419 ms
S Korea737 ms
Bahrain833 ms
Japan619 ms
Brazil506 ms
Canada217 ms
Hong Kong700 ms
Singapore779 ms
Australia1553 ms
Germany425 ms
USA (VA)248 ms
USA (OH)191 ms
USA (OR)329 ms
Global Average584 ms

By seeing the results of Test 3, we can say that Hostinger has performed very well in North America, Europe, and South America. The performance in Asia, Australia, and Africa is average.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Speed Test Hosting Lover Fast or Slow TTFB Test

By seeing these test results, we can say that Hostinger performs very well in TTFB Test. The results of North America, South America, and Europe are pretty fast and awesome.

But in Asia, Australia, and Africa it is average.

Why this happened?

Because I have chosen my website server location from the USA. Currently, Hostinger offers 7 different locations. You have to choose the server which is nearest to your most of audience. For example, if your website is in the German language then without any doubt you have to choose European servers.

Hostinger Server locations of Hostinger:
  • UK
  • US
  • Brazil
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Lithuania (coming soon)

Okay, by doing these multiple tests we can give average results of TTFB of Hostinger Shared Hosting, Now let’s move on to Speed Test.

Speed Test

In the Speed Test, we will do 5 different tests and also measure core web vitals. By doing these tests we can see the total loading time of the website.

Test 1

Test 1 is done in Google Pagespeed insights. Pagespeed insights test results can be inconsistent. So, I took 1 test daily for 3 days. I want to get the best accurate results, so you can find the performance of the Hostinger Shared Hosting.

Yikes, there are more figures of this test results than the maths book. So, I created average results tests, you can check those results directly.


Nowadays, most of the internet users are from mobiles. So, mobile speed is the most important factor for your website. Google Pagespeed measure mobile results separately, so here is the mobile test results.

MetricsTest 1Test 2Test 3Average
First Contentful Paint2.5 s2.5 s2.5 s2.5 s
Time to Interactive3.7 s3.6 s3.6 s3.6 s
Speed Index2.6 s4.0 s3.0 s3.2 s
Total Blocking Time230 ms170 ms170 ms190
Largest Contentful Paint2.5 s2.5 s2.5 s2.5 s
Cumulative Layout Shift0.0030.0030.0030.003

These test results are from Google Pagespeed insights desktop test.

MetricsTest 1Test 2Test 3Average
First Contentful Paint0.7 s0.7 s0.7 s0.7 s
Time to Interactive1.0 s0.8 s0.7 s0.8 s
Speed Index1.3 s1.5 s0.9 s1.2 s
Total Blocking Time70 ms20 ms0 ms30 ms
Cumulative Layout Shift0.0010.0010.0010.001

Test 2

Test 2 is done in Pingdom tools with 7 different worldwide locations. Pingdom test results are consistent by test by test. So, I can take one test and it will be good.

Server LocationPerformance gradeLoad timePage Size
Tokyo – Japan76 – C2.60 s1.9 MB
Frankfurt – Germany76 – C1.59 s1.9 MB
London – UK76 – C1.60 s1.9 MB
Washington D.C. – USA76 – C0.76 s1.9 MB
San Francisco – USA76 – C1.22 s1.9 MB
Sydney – Australia78 – C3.22 s1.9 MB
São Paulo – Brazil76 – C2.24 s1.9 MB
Global Average76 – C1.89 s1.9 MB

Test 3

Test 3 is done in GT Metrix from 7 different worldwide locations.

Server LocationPerformanceFirst Contentful PaintTime to InteractiveSpeed IndexOnload TimeFully Loaded Time
Vancouver, Canada97%847 ms888 ms918 ms1.0 s2.4 s
Hong Kong, China67%1.8 s3.7 s1.9 s2.5 s3.7 s
London, UK94%1.1 s1.1 s1.1 s1.2 s2.6 s
Mumbai, India75%1.7 s2.2 s1.9 s2.8 s3.7 s
San Antonio, TX, USA97%890 ms962 ms924 ms1.0 s2.5 s
Sydney, Australia76%1.6 s1.8 s1.8 s2.5 s3.3 s
São Paulo, Brazil86%1.4 s1.4 s1.5 s1.6 s2.9 s
Global Average%1.3 s1.72 s1.43 s1.8 s3.0 s

Test 4

Test 4 is done from 10 different worldwide locations. By this test we can get average loading time of the website.

Server LocationScoreTime
Frankfurt841.93 s
Amsterdam871.76 s
London871.5 s
New York86662.71 ms
Dallas881.05 s
San Francisco881.43 s
Singapore903.26 s
Sydney883.72 s
Tokyo883.23 s
Bangalore903.17 s
Global Average882.171 s

Test 5

Test 5 is done from 18 different worldwide locations. In these results, we measure website interactive time.

The Time to Interactive (TTI) metric measures how long it takes a page to become interactive to the site visitor. A web page is interactive when it has displayed useful content, event handlers are registered for most visible page elements, and the page responds to user interactions within 50 milliseconds.

Useful content means the primary content of the page such as article contents and headlines and does not include header images, navigation, and other elements of a web page.

Server LocationInteractive Time
S Africa2938 ms
Sweden1990 ms
India2934 ms
France1438 ms
England1517 ms
Ireland1716 ms
S Korea2529 ms
Bahrain3197 ms
Japan2268 ms
Brazil2266 ms
Canada817 ms
Hong Kong2503 ms
Singapore2650 ms
Australia3670 ms
Germany1559 ms
USA (VA)982 ms
USA (OH)665 ms
USA (OR)1127 ms
Global Average2042 ms
Hostinger Shared Hosting Speed Test Hosting Lover Fast or Slow Interactive Time Test

Final Results

Global Average TTFB: 470 ms

Average Fully loaded Time: 2.1 s


That’s it guys, for Hostinger Shared Hosting Speed Test. You can use my affiliate link to purchase any of the products. By doing this you will get a special discount and I will receive a small commission. So I can test more hosting without any sponsorship and provide honest reviews to you guys.

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