What is Hosting? Types of Hosting – Complete Guide

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What is Hosting?

If you have a domain and you want to make a website on WordPress then you will need hosting to host your website. Basically, it stores your website content and sends it to your website users when they want to see or read that. You have to your website in hosting, so everyone in the world can access your website.

Hosting stores your content, media, and other stuff. Whenever a visitor comes to your website hosting send the needed data to visitor’s devices. So visitors can see your content on the internet. In short, words hosting is a service provider which store website data and share when someone wants to access it.

Types of Hosting

There are many different types of hostings available in the market. We have listed down below Types of Hosting.

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting
  3. Cloud Hosting
  4. Dedicated Server Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hostings are ideal at the starting stage of the website. Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting from all different types of hosting. In a shared hosting plan, many websites are hosted on the same servers. So it will slow your website because all of the resources are also shared with other websites.

If you are a beginner and want to start a blog than you should definitely try shared hosting. Because it is very cheap and simple. So if your blog is new and you are getting a low amount of traffic than Shared hosting is perfect for your blog.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting. It is more affordable than Dedicated Server Hosting. And it is faster than Shared Hosting.

VPS Hosting can easily handle medium traffic websites, but it can’t handle high traffic websites, streaming websites. And you can not customize it according to your needs because it is physically shared with other users also.

VPS hosting is unique because each website is hosted within its own space on the server, though it still shares a physical server with other users.

In short, VPS Hosting is used by whom that can’t afford Dedicated Server Hosting or they don’t have enough knowledge about Dedicated Servers Hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a modern type of hosting. It is the same as Shared Hosting but it is faster than Shared Hosting.

In Cloud Hosting, the Website is not hosted on specific regions. Cloud Hosting Servers are located at different places in the whole world. So if any visitors visit your blog then he will receive content from his nearest hosting server.

For example, there are 3 servers are available in Cloud Hosting. US, Europe, Asia. So if a visitor is from the US than he will be connected with US Server. And if any visitor visits from India than he Will be connected to Asian Servers.

So Cloud Hosting hosted blog will be loaded fast as compared to Shared Hosting. Because it has less latency than Shared Hosting.

Best Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is ideal for websites that are getting very high amounts of traffic from the whole world.

Dedicated Server Hosting has their own private servers. So there will be only one owner of that particular server. So it will be faster than any other type of hosting.

Dedicated Server Hosting is very costly than any other hosting, because of owners have to maintain their server themselves. And it requires much knowledge to make Dedicated Server Hosting.

In Dedicated Server Hosting, you aren’t sharing your server with anyone so it will be faster, more customizable.

Which Type of Hosting You Should Choose?

If you are a beginner and want to learn Blogging and trying your luck then you must go with Shared Hosting. Because it is cheapest out of any other hosting and it is very easy to manage it.

And when you start getting organic traffic and some social media traffic than you should use Cloud Hosting. Means if your blog is getting Daily 2000 to 5000 visitors then you should use Cloud Hosting.

If your blog/website is growing and you are getting Daily average 10k to 30k traffic than you should VPS Hosting. But you have to learn VPS Hosting.

And if your blog is growing very fastly, then you should use Dedicated Server Hosting. You can hire developers and you can migrate your blog on Dedicated Server Hosting.


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What is Hosting Types of Hosting - Complete Guide

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